apotropaic (2013)

Now based in Margarita Island, Venezuela, Carlos’ new work embodies an evolving journey, encouraged, in large part, by being in contact with the island’s local art production and tradition (naïf art as conceived by the avant-garde at the turn of the 19th century). This has led him to investigate two main lines of inquiry. TheContinue reading “apotropaic (2013)”

labour (2011)

‘I’ve found it a hard one to read, which is a good thing because I’m fed up of looking at large format stuff.  I like square format because it’s a more difficult shape to use, it pushes you into interesting compositional work.’ ‘It is dark and it takes a while to be able to understandContinue reading “labour (2011)”

américa del sur -vol. 1 (2010)

interview by Centrepoint Collective UK Centrepoint Collective – I sense a very honest and tender look to the portraits. Can you give me a brief insight about your motivation to conduct this project and also, which countries did you visit while producing the work? Carlos Saladén-Vargas Thank you. The main motivation behind these images isContinue reading “américa del sur -vol. 1 (2010)”

smokes free (2009)

As Britain recovers from its worst financial crisis since the depression of the 1930s and the economy flirts far too long with recession, it seems that no lessons have been learned (or perhaps they’ve been avoided) and nothing has changed. The closest thing to a revolution we’ve experienced is an upsurge in popularity for theContinue reading “smokes free (2009)”

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